Ox-Block™ (CAC01)

  • One-component, organic-based sealant with active sacrificial pigments that preferentially oxidize before the aircraft structure
  • Fills gaps and voids between surfaces to create a flexible, water-tight environmental seal
  • Removes easily and can be wiped away effortlessly
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces, alloys and surface treatments
  • Silicone free, sulfide free, solvent free, chromate free and molybdenum sulfide free
  • Has a higher flash point when compared to competitors
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to a smooth, non-curing, uniform coat
  • Hazard-free replacement for chromate corrosion-resistant, non-hardening sealants
  • Adheres well to a variety of surfaces and easily coats complex, intricate parts
  • COMMON USES: • Cracks • gaps • small voids • pinholes • seams • mating areas

    Product Specifications

    Ox-Block™ (CAC01)
    Part Number
    Corrosion Protection
    Level 1
    Putty / Paste
    Specific Gravity
    Non-Volatile Content
    Flash Point
    349.7°F / 176.5°C
    Working Temperature Range
    -67°F to 203°F / -55°C to 95°C
    Water Solubility
    Insoluble / Hydrophobic
    Application Thickness
    2-20 mils
    Volume Resistivity
    >120 MΩ*cm-1

    PDF Documents to Download, View & Print

    Av-DEC Ox-Block is a corrosion-resistant, non-curing, general purpose aerospace sealant.

    Video guide for a brush application of Av-DEC Ox-Block CIC on a seat track fitting.

    One-component corrosion-resistant, non-hardening, general purpose sealant.

    Av-DEC Ox-Block is a corrosion-resistant, non-curing, general purpose aerospace sealant. Ox-Block features the ability to create an environmental barrier to block corrosion causing elements and contains sacrificial particles that preferentially oxidize before the aircraft structure. These properties give Ox-Block superior corrosion protection, which reduces the need for maintenance and keeps the aircraft in the air longer.

    Benefits / Unique Features:

    • Easy to apply, use and remove
    • Environmentally safe
    • Hydrophobic
    • Non-Chromate
    • Non-Hazardous
    • Non-Shrinking
    • Silicone Free
    • Solvent Free
    • Sulfide Free

    A High-Performance Corrosion Inhibiting Compound for Easy Applications

    Ox-Block is a general purpose, non-drying aerospace sealer for cracks, gaps, small voids, pinholes, seams, or mating areas where non-drying corrosion inhibiting compounds are necessary. These areas may also include dissimilar metal joints, fay surfaces, or fasteners where capability for removal is desirable.

    Brush, Pneumatic Dispenser, Spatula or Smoothing Tool
    Gallon, Pint, Syringe or Custom Request