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Av-DEC Newsletter - November 15, 2019

There is nothing more captivating than an intuitive and well-crafted experience. The new Av-DEC® website platform is an interactive hub dedicated to teaching the science of corrosion prevention. With this launch comes the unveiling of new aircraft corrosion-prevention products that will provide a lifeline to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), airlines, MRO's, and operators.

New Features to Ease Your Search for Corrosion-Prevention Solutions:

  1. An In-house Search Engine
  2. An Interactive Digital Airplane Simulation
  3. A Seamless Navigation Process
  4. Faster Communication

A New Chapter with New Products

Av-DEC® welcomes OEMs, airlines, MRO's, and operators to explore the new products added to an ever-expanding catalog of corrosion-prevention options. Explore innovative products such as the SpraySeal® SF5387, Thixo Black®, Self-Leveling Red®, Self-Leveling Clear®, and HI-TAK® StructureSeal.

Oh! And one more thing...

The new platform introduces an interactive airplane that highlights many of the common areas where Av-DEC's products are used across an aircraft. This simplifies navigation and makes it easier to choose the right products for specific problems.

An Intuitive, Dynamic, Mobile-friendly Interface

AvDEC.com is now more secure, dynamic, and ready for smart devices. This simplifies the search for both newer products and the many legacy gasket & sealant products that already have thousands of configurations. The product descriptions have also been updated to highlight all the features, benefits, and applications of each. Communication is intuitive and responsive.

Trainings, Certifications, and More

Digital training and certification options in corrosion prevention for the aviation industry can be accessed for the benefit of all via the new Av-DEC® website. This creates an avenue for OEMs and maintenance service providers to get all their employees up to speed on the application procedures of Av-DEC® products. Both employers and individuals can take advantage of the certification opportunities which highlight Av-DEC® products' ability to seal aircraft structures against corrosion and ensure aircraft readiness.

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