Av-DEC Product Installation Training

From online to on-site training, Av-DEC provides in-depth product installation support for your aircraft to receive the most effective product performance and protection against corrosion.

Av-DEC Training Center offers access to all the resources needed to get started with our corrosion-inhibiting technologies. The provided resources come in different formats to ensure maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) service providers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and third-party installers are all properly informed on how to get the best out of every Av-DEC corrosion prevention solution. All of Av-DEC Product Installation Training is complimentary.

Av-DEC Training Formats

Av-DEC training programs are diverse and are delivered using different mediums. Av-DEC offers online training, classroom-based training and on-site training, to ensure the products are properly installed and will perform to the best of their ability. All training is complementary to those who utilize Av-DEC corrosion-prevention products and solutions.

Online Training Center

Av-DEC encourages customers to visit our new online training platform to keep up to date with proper product installation and updates. The online training platform features installation for Av-DEC Injectable Sealants, Polyurethane Rolled Sealants, Gasket Systems and Sealing Systems. The new training courses were created to feature information as thorough and beneficial to the end-user as possible. After watching each installation instruction video, the training features a series of questions and answers to ensure the user is fully prepared to apply the product. Upon completion, users will receive documented certification to install Av-DEC products. The intention of each training segment is to directly mirror the experience of having hands-on, in-person training.

Contact Sean Long, Av-DEC Product Training Manager, for more details.

To log in to the Av-DEC Product Training Website, click here: training.avdec.com

Classroom Training

Learn how to install sealants, gaskets, and PRS on realistic models of aircraft components and assemblies. In Classroom Training, mock-ups of aviation components - seat tracks, panels, antennas, etc. - are used to give engineers and technicians a detailed, practical simulation of every installation procedure. Along the way we provide guidance and answers to common challenges our clients face while installing Av-DEC solutions.

On-Site Training

Av-DEC offers on-site training to MROs and OEMs interested in educating their in-house engineers and maintenance technicians on the use of Av-DEC sealants, gaskets, and PRS. As part of this training we instruct mechanics on the installation of Av-DEC solutions on-site, on your own aircraft, to ensure knowledge is transferred in real time without interrupting the production flow.

Av-DEC Training and Certifications

Certifications are a great way for aviation engineers and mechanics to highlight their ability to prevent corrosion before it becomes a problem. Av-DEC certifications test a candidate's understanding of Av-DEC products and sealing solutions, as well as the ways they should be applied. After completion of Av-DEC training, a series of questions and answers will be presented to the user in order to receive the printed certification document.

Products Offered for Training

Av-DEC offers installation training for the following products.

Av-DEC Training Resources Are Complimentary

Av-DEC offers these training resources complementary to those who utilize Av-DEC corrosion-inhibiting solutions. The instructions and learning resources attached to training programs may be downloaded at no cost. Av-DEC is committed to remaining presently involved in the installation process, to ensure that aircraft receive the most effective product performance and protection against corrosion. Training courses will be continuously updated in order to keep all customers informed on proper product installation. Av-DEC Product Training Manager, Sean Long, can determine the best medium to meet your organizations requirements.

Additional Aircraft Maintenance Training Resources

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