Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you have to clean the surface with (before application and after removal)?

The surface shall be wiped with a clean, solvent (isopropyl alcohol or other approved cleaning solvent) dampened cloth, followed immediately by wiping with a clean dry cloth. Residue of previously applied adhesives, sealants, or fillet sealing materials shall also be removed. An appropriate chemical conversion coating may be applied to the aircraft skin surface and allowed to dry per manufacturer's instructions.

What is the storage temperature for cured Av-DEC products (i.e. gaskets and PRS)?

Standard ambient warehouse conditions.

What is the service temperature of your products?

Request technical data sheet.

What is the typical lead time for shipments?

Typically, two weeks, ARO.

What is the shelf life of Av-DEC products?

Request technical data sheet.

Can the shelf life be extended?

No. Please contact Av-DEC with specific product questions related to shelf-life.

Do you have any foreign representation?

Av-DEC does have representation in Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Russia and Israel.

Can customers buy directly from Av-DEC?

Yes, this is the preferred method for purchasing. Please contact Av-DEC.

I have a possible application for Av-DEC products or technologies, but I don't see it listed in any Av-DEC information.

Who do I talk to at Av-DEC about this application?

For assistance with your possible application, please contact Av-DEC.

What method can be used for disposal of unused injectable products?

Unused material should be mixed by either a) dispensing through a mixing straw into a waste container or b) pouring both sides into a small container and stirring the components until thoroughly mixed. Mixed material and empty cartridges may be placed in regular trash containers.

Can the antenna gaskets be re-used?

Av-DEC recommends the antenna gasket be replaced each time the antenna is removed. If a replacement gasket is not available, carefully remove the antenna, taking care not to damage the gasket. Re-install the antenna gasket, following Av-DEC installation instructions. Replace the gasket as soon as practical to ensure the best environmental protection and electrical bonding performance.