Military Approvals

Product Applications

The information listed below is just a sampling of the Military approvals Av-DEC has obtained

Note: HI-TAK Polyurethane Rolled Sealant (PRS) was previously known as HI-TAK Tape.

CAGE Code: 1NPE1

U.S. Air Force - TO-1-1-689, TO-1-1-691

  • 1-1A-14, Electrical Manual connector potting and wrap
  • H-60: All products either required or preferred method
  • C-130: All antennas and sensors, Floorboards, Upper Pressure Panels, Pitot Tube, Horizontal tail access Panels. TCTO's for: AN/ALE-47 Connectors, USTS antenna. C-103 AMP project, windows All Lighting, De-Icing Boot assy, Radome Cover Gasket, Laircum, ATF Panel, TG3212
  • MH-53 Antenna Gaskets and floor polyurethane rolled sealants (PRS) fully approved
  • F-35, Connector gaskets used in many locations
  • C-17, Antenna Gaskets, Floor PRS, Lavatory Module, Strake Gaskets, All Lights, Fillet Panel Tape, Pylon Stub Fitting Mod, Trailing Edge, Fuel Access Panel Gaskets, TG3212, SF2470
  • RC/KC-135: Antenna, Sensor and Antenna Gaskets
  • CV-22, Antenna Gaskets, Wire harness feedthrough sealing
  • U-2: Antenna Gaskets and connector gaskets fully implemented
  • H-1: Antenna Gaskets and floor PRS
  • F-16: Marker Beacon Antenna Gaskets
  • KC-135, Antenna Gaskets, connector gaskets
  • C-5, Antenna Gaskets, floor tapes
  • E-3, Radome splice plate, Fuel Access Panel Gaskets, Antenna Gaskets
  • RQ-4, Antenna Gaskets, Sensor Gaskets, Blackbox Mounting, Panel sealing

U.S. Army

  • H-60, MH-60 Antenna Gaskets, transmission gaskets and floor PRS fully approved
  • CH-47 and MH-47: Antenna Gaskets and floor PRS fully approved
  • AH-64, Antenna Gaskets
  • Several small fleet fixed wing aircraft approvals

U.S. Navy

  • Products fully approved in the TO 16-1-540 and TO 16-1-509
  • Antenna Gaskets Fully approved by NAVAIR
  • Dual wrap and SLG FR only approved wire harness sealing procedure (NAVAIR 01-A-505-1)
  • TG2010FR only approved terminal lug protection sealant (NAVAIR 01-A-505-1)
  • IRAC for 16-1-540 issued
  • Antenna Gaskets fully approved by NAVAIR
  • HT-3000 approved in 509
  • 1-1A-505, Dual Wrap Connector Sealing Kit and Cap and Stow, TG2010FR for contactor/relay sealing
  • H-60: Black Box Mounting, Antenna Gaskets and floor PRS fully approved
  • EA-6B: Antenna and static discharge retainer gasket fully approved
  • F-18: Antenna Gaskets approved
  • C-130: All antennas and sensors, floor PRS
  • H-53 Antenna Gaskets
  • E-2C SATCOM antenna approved
  • T-44 Antenna Gaskets approved
  • T-45 Antenna Gaskets approved
  • H-1, Antenna Gaskets and PRS approved
  • MQ-4C, Antenna Gaskets, Connector Gaskets, EMI Gaskets, PRS
  • MQ-8B/C, Antenna Gaskets, Sensor Gaskets, Black Box Mounting, Panel sealing
  • CMV-22, TG2010FR Antenna Gaskets

U.S. Coast Guard

  • Products implemented on all aircraft