Floorboard Sealing System

Floorboard Sealing System sample
Floorboard Sealing System - Self-Leveling Green.
Floorboard Sealing System - TufSeal HT3000
Floorboard Sealing System sample
Floorboard Sealing System - Self-Leveling Green.
Floorboard Sealing System - TufSeal HT3000

The Av-DEC HI-TAK® floorboard sealing solutions combine complementary Av-DEC products for complete protection.

  • Floor beam protection: HI-TAK PRS®, HI-TAK TufSeal® or HI-TAK StructureSeal® rolls on for easy installation
  • Seat track protection: Self-Leveling® Green or Self-Leveling Red for quickly filling and completely protecting seat tracks. Be sure to overflow the seat track for protection of the seat track's top surface. Start with ThixoFlex® Gray or Thixoflex Orange to create a "dam" to contain the self-leveling sealant.
  • Floorboard-to-floorboard or floorboard-to-seat track interfaces: Self-Leveling Green for a watertight seal to keep fluid spills from seeping down below the floorboards.

Floorboard Sealing Systems combine Av-DEC polyurethane sealants to create complete moisture-proof barriers in military, passenger, and cargo aircraft during installation, maintenance, and repairs.

The prevention of corrosion in aircraft includes ensuring floor beams and floorboard gaps and fasteners are properly sealed during installation, maintenance, and repair activities. The Av-DEC floorboard sealing system combines sealing products engineered to protect floor beams, seat tracks, and other irregular surfaces from corrosion. An application of Av-DEC injectable sealants prevents moisture from seeping from the aircraft cabin down onto aircraft structural floor beams. With proper application, the floorboard sealing system will form a complete seal that locks out moisture, water, and liquid spills to keep aircraft floor beams corrosion at bay.

The Av-DEC Floorboard Sealing System consists of sealants designed with aircraft structural protection in mind. Every sealing product in the system delivers durable seals with extensive life spans. Apply HI-TAK PRS, HI-TAK TufSeal, or HI-TAK StructureSeal to protect floor beams even in extreme conditions. Fill seat tracks to overflowing with Self-Leveling Green to protect the inner cavity and upper surface of seat tracks. Self-Leveling Green can be contained by utilizing Thixoflex Gray or Thixoflex Orange to form dams at both ends of the seat track. Sealing floorboards with this Av-DEC Floorboard Sealing System results in the following benefits:

  • Demonstrated protection of aircraft floor beams by your choice of HI-TAK polyurethane rolled sealants
  • Proven protection of cavities and gaps between floorboards with application of an Av-DEC injectable sealant
  • No harmful residues or VOCs, making Av-DEC products excellent internal sealants for aircraft interior applications.
  • Easy application and removal process which speeds up installation and maintenance activities while reducing labor costs.
  • Quick gel times make real-time installation, maintenance, and repairs possible, and eliminate downtime. Get the Av-DEC Floorboard Sealing System Today

The Chemistry Behind Av-DEC Floorboard Sealing Systems

In passenger aircraft, the cost of corrosion on aircraft structural floor beams presents aircraft operators with an challenging problem. In addition, floorboard sealing products should be non-hazardous and exhibit quick gel times for the short-notice maintenance and repair tasks that inevitably come up. Understanding these challenges, Av-DEC engineers combined several unique sealing products to handle the requirements of aircraft floorboards. The Floorboard sealing system consists of products made from non-hazardous materials such as polyurethane rolled sealants (PRS), sprayable sealants, and injectable sealants. With every application, the following benefits apply:

  • Enhanced resistance to abrasion, allowing sealants to continue protecting floorboards and cargo bay areas in spite of abrasive conditions.
  • The option of choosing fire-retardant sealants when protecting floorboards from corrosive agents.
  • Quick gel times which make the application of corrosion-prevention sealants even on vertical surfaces possible.

Going the Custom Route

Unique corrosion challenges require specific sealing systems in order to completely protect floorboards and complex or irregular structures in cargo bay areas from corrosion. Av-DEC engineers can design custom Floorboard Sealing Systems to meet these specific challenges. The custom combination can deliver diverse benefits depending on specific applications and needs. To combine multiple sealing solutions to prevent corrosion, as well as fill voids, protect areas susceptible to excess traffic, and dampen vibration and noise, contact Av-DEC for assistance with choosing the optimum floorboard sealing system.