Dual Wrap™ Connector Sealing System

Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System
Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System

The Av-DEC Dual Wrap connector sealing solution (Kit ID AD28500-X-X-8) provides environmental sealing around mated connectors to help prevent water ingress and corrosion.

  1. Connector wrapped with StretchSeal®
  2. Self-Leveling® Green injected into wire gaps and connector base
  3. Self-fusing tape wrapped around StretchSeal and connector

APPROVED in "Aircraft Electric and Electronic Wiring:"

  • NAVAIR 01-1A-505-1
  • Air Force TO 1-1A-14
  • Army TM 1-1500-323-24-1

Connector Sealing Kit with Potting Compound Installation

Connector Sealing Kit Without Potting Compound Installation

The components of the Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System work together to prevent corrosion during the installation or maintenance of connectors.

Av-DEC Dual Wrap Connector Sealing Systems combine HI-TAK StretchSeal with Self-Leveling Green to prevent corrosion in aircraft electrical connectors and wiring. Add self-fusing tape to complete the sealing system that delivers a flexible, durable environmental seal which prevents water and moisture ingress that can cause corrosion and rust. Application is a quick, painless process that requires no external tools, adhesives, or support. This makes the Dual Wrap Connector Sealing Systems the perfect option for preventing corrosion in connectors. The benefits of using Av-DEC Dual Wrap Connector Sealing Systems in installation, maintenance, and repair activities include:

  • An easy application process which speeds up real-time installation and maintenance tasks while reducing downtime.
  • A complete seal against corrosion which ensures connectors are protected from moisture and the negative effects it has on electrical components.
  • Easy to remove during regular inspections and leaves no residue that could damage the connectors.

A Winning Combination for Preventing Corrosion

The benefits of the Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System include:

  • An extensive moisture-proof barrier for connectors or between aircraft surfaces.
  • Excellent protection of harnesses and components when no drip loop exists.

Diverse Industrial Applications

The Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System was originally engineered to protect electrical connectors and wiring. The system can be used to prevent corrosion in the following components and assemblies:

  • Mated electrical connectors
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Wiring