Av-DEC® Gaskets

All Av-DEC High-Performance Gaskets offer:

  • NON-HAZARDOUS POLYURETHANE GEL Non-hazardous polyurethane sealant provides a long-term environmental seal for corrosion protection in the toughest environments.
  • VOC AND RESIDUE FREE All gaskets contain no VOCs and no silicone, so there is no residue left behind affecting paint adhesion.
  • CONSISTENT AND EASY INSTALLATION Innovative "Apply and Fly™" design assures proper fit and sealing, reduces installation time, return-to-service time, labor costs, hangar time and gate delays.
  • CONDUCTIVE OPTIONS Gaskets are available with a low electrical resistance path for bonding.
  • EXCELLENT ELASTICITY AND MATERIAL MEMORY Engineered polymers mean sealing is maintained even in extreme conditions - no matter how heavy the vibration or frequent the thermal expansion and contraction cycles.
  • TESTED DESIGN Av-DEC polyurethane products remain flexible and tacky throughout years of service, providing the environmental seal required to survive in the harshest conditions.
  • LONG-TERM CORROSION PREVENTION Proven to withstand extreme conditions both in the real world and in the lab, Av-DEC gaskets offer less downtime and longer inspection intervals.
  • DEMONSTRATED ABILITY / PROVEN TECHNOLOGY For nearly two decades, Av-DEC gaskets have been utilized by commercial and military OEMs, air carriers and maintenance facilities around the world.


Conductive, Pre-cured Polyurethane Gasket Systems for Constructing, Maintaining, and Repairing Airplane Structures, Assemblies, and Systems.

The integrity of aircraft surfaces, joints, and assemblies are determined by design, as well as the protective or sealing measures used. Therefore, choosing appropriate industrial-grade gaskets is a key consideration for aircraft manufacturers, service organizations, and overhaul shops. In situations where inadequate sealants are used, corrosion and surface damage will occur. These factors negatively affect the structural integrity of an airplane and could lead to critical safety issues.

If the user requires a diverse range of gaskets to meet specific application needs, Av-DEC is the one-stop shop. Av-DEC flexible, pre-cured, and conductive polyurethane gaskets have been used by the majority of aerospace manufacturers, air carriers, and maintainers.

Av-DEC versatile gasket systems have been successfully applied in the aviation industry for two decades. The reasons for their successful application by stakeholders are due to:

  • Lightweight, low-density build which makes the gasket systems flexible for easy application.
  • An eco-friendly, durable sealant which is non-hazardous when used.
  • Simple, quick application which speeds up installation, as well as repair and maintenance procedures.
  • Excellent cohesion which ensures complete protection of a component's surface.
  • High-level protection from corrosive elements.
  • Pre-cured "Apply and Fly™" gaskets - which ensures quick application and eliminates messiness.

The Av-DEC inventory of gaskets consists of products that will satisfy your specific requirements. The gasket equipped with system features handles majority of gasket applications in aviation. These features are due to the use of polyurethane and the implementation of industry-specific standards when developing Av-DEC gasket systems. Av-DEC high-performing systems include:

Why Choose Polyurethane Gaskets?

Polyurethane serves as the base material for Av-DEC gasket systems due to its inherent properties. The flexibility of polyurethane makes it easy to install Av-DEC gasket systems, which can be installed on metallic surfaces such as aluminum and steel alloys. The benefits gained from using an Av-DEC gasket made from polyurethane sealant include:

  • High resistance to heat, abrasions, solvents, aviation fuel, and other environmental factors
  • No messy greases

Electrically Conductive Gasket Systems

A conductive gasket must be used when maintaining the electrical conductivity of user assemblies which is critical for optimal function. Electrically conductive gaskets ensure excellent electrical continuity in aviation systems. The benefits of an electrically conductive gasket include:

  • Ensures electrical continuity in assemblies, allowing the gaskets to transfer current as intended
  • Provides conductive pathways for lightning strikes, to help protect assemblies from excessive electrical surges
  • Enhances safe operation ensuring no negative effects on the normal function of the sealed surface

The Benefits of Pre-Cured Gasket Systems

Pre-cured gaskets eliminate the messiness that comes with using cure-in-place sealants. Av-DEC pre-cured gaskets make use of compression when sealing a surface or the area of application. Some of the benefits of pre-cured gaskets include:

  • A simple "Apply and Fly" installation process
  • Applicable on both rigid and flexible assemblies
  • Easy removal and no residue after removal
  • Eliminates the waiting time associated with curing polysulfides

Pre-Cured Gaskets vs. Cure-in-place Gaskets

The deciding factor to consider when choosing between both options is the application. The surface or assembly the gasket is intended to protect plays an important role in the decision. Pre-cured gaskets are generally used when structural integrity and ease of use are the primary considerations. This is usually the case in the aviation industry.

Av-DEC conductive gasket systems are pre-cured, polyurethane gaskets that are electrically conductive. Depending on the user's application needs, one can choose the HI-TAK Polyurethane Conductive Antenna Gasket, the HI-TAK Conductive Specialty Gasket, or the HI-TAK Fuel Access Panel Gasket.

HI-TAK Conductive Antenna Gaskets

The pre-cured polyurethane conductive antenna gasket is designed to be used as an environmental sealant. This means it is durable and highly resistant to heat and other environmental factors. The gasket is flexible and easy to install. It is equipped with an aluminum carrier which supports conductivity and electrical bonding. Its flexible nature means users can easily apply the gasket system during regular inspection and maintenance activities.

HI-TAK Conductive Specialty Gaskets & Connector Gaskets

You can also take advantage of the durability of the conductive specialty gasket for other aerospace applications. These applications include sealing connectors, boxes, and static wicks. This gasket system is designed for use as an environmental seal because of its impervious build. It is highly resistant to external environmental factors and easy to install. If interested in electrically conductive gaskets, note that specialty gaskets are also equipped with aluminum carriers. With this system, users get excellent surface cohesion and the ease of using a pre-cured solution.

HI-TAK Fuel Access Panel Gaskets

If aircraft protection in the event of lightning strike is a key consideration, then the fuel access panel gasket system may be a part of the answer. The polyurethane gasket system is designed with an aluminum mesh that provides electrical conductivity which aids in damage resistance. The gasket is also resistant to solvents, fuel, and environmental-based corrosive agents. The gasket system is easy to install, access, and remove when needed.

Although unlikely, if Av-DEC gasket systems do not address immediate needs, a customer can choose to go the customization route. Over the past 20 years, we have helped global aviation firms develop custom gaskets, die cut to meet industry-specific requirements. User can choose to leverage Av-DEC experience in designing fail-proof gasket systems for long-term use.

You can request a quote or learn more about how we can help by giving us a call. You can also go through our application case studies to see if your questions have been answered before.

How Durable are Av-DEC Pre-cured Polyurethane Gaskets?

Av-DEC gasket systems provide long-lasting seals for industrial applications. Every gasket in Av-DEC inventory has been subjected to durability and industry-grade tests to ensure you get nothing but the best sealing system. With every Av-DEC gasket system, you get:

  • An ASTM B117, 3000-hour Salt Fog tested gasket
  • Gasket systems that have passed the appropriate DO-160 tests

Av-DEC gasket systems have been successfully applied to deliver long-term protection for years. This is why, to date, users can still find Av-DEC gasket systems applied a decade ago, still providing excellent sealing services in the aviation industry today.