HI-TAK® Polyurethane Rolled Sealants (PRS®)

All HI-TAK PRS polyurethane rolled sealants provide:

  • Moisture-proof barrier between irregular surfaces
  • Outstanding long-term corrosion protection
  • Flexible and tacky HI-TAK sealant for optimal corrosion prevention
  • Improved reliability in the toughest environments
  • Silicone-free sealant containing no environmentally hazardous materials
  • Ease of installation and removal
  • Flame-retardant formulations that pass flammability testing for compartment interiors (12-second vertical burn), making it ideal for cabin and other interior applications.

Rolled Sealants (PRS):

HI-TAK Polyurethane Rolled Sealants (PRS) are trusted sealants used to prevent corrosion in aircraft structures. Both one-sided and double-sided PRS are available.

When in search of an immediate, cost-effective solution for the prevention of corrosion, tapes have always served the aviation industry well. However, not just any tape will do. The importance of aircraft safety means the sealant used must be engineered to have specific properties that ensure they function optimally even in extreme conditions. To meet these challenges, Av-DEC introduced HI-TAK polyurethane tapes in 1998 with specific properties for long-term corrosion prevention. Today, Av-DEC is officially introducing the HI-TAK Polyurethane Rolled Sealant (PRS) line to replace the products previously known as HI-TAK Tapes.

HI-TAK PRS is a portfolio of unique pre-cured sealing products designed for use in the toughest aircraft environments. These products are made from non-hazardous polyurethane gel and can be applied to prevent corrosion in cargo bays, under lavatories and galleys, on antenna connectors, and on irregular surfaces. An "apply-and-fly" approach means maintenance, repair, installation, and service bureaus can employ the use of HI-TAK PRS in real time. The HI-TAK PRS available for immediate use includes the HI-TAK PRS, HI-TAK TufSeal, HI-TAK StructureSeal, and HI-TAK StretchSeal. Some of the immediate benefits gained when using these solutions include:

  • Quick application times drive an "Apply-and-Fly™" approach to reduce downtime.
  • The flexible sealant delivers complete protection against moisture and corrosion in the harshest environments.
  • The non-hazardous polyurethane material leaves behind no mess or residue when removed.
  • The indefinite shelf life when properly stored means these products can be stocked and applied whenever needed.

The Science Behind Av-DEC HI-TAK PRS

All HI-TAK PRS products in the Av-DEC portfolio are highly durable and form an optimal seal to block out moisture. The moisture- and corrosion-inhibiting capabilities of these products were achieved through careful engineering. This makes them trustworthy solutions that can protect aircraft structures, components, and assemblies from corrosion.

Av-DEC engineers developed these products using polyurethane as the base material with configurations including mesh carriers made from materials such as fiberglass, foam, and aluminum. There are two options to choose from: either single-sided HI-TAK TufSeal or HI-TAK PRS. Polyurethane is non-hazardous and the sealants are pre-cured allowing for quick, easy installation and removal without leaving behind residue. Finally, Av-DEC provides the option of PRS sealants die-cut to form shapes to meet specific applications. The science behind the HI-TAK PRS portfolio of products offers users the following features and advantages:

  • A polyurethane gel enhanced with skeletal membranes or meshes to produce a long-term, durable seal.
  • Double-sided sealing solutions available to create a complete corrosion seal when applied under compression between two surfaces.
  • The option of flame-retardant HI-TAK PRS solutions for situations when an optimal seal is needed in areas or where frame retardant properties are needed.
  • A flexible seal which can be applied to prevent moisture ingress and corrosion even on irregular surfaces.

HI-TAK PRS Solutions for the Toughest Aviation Applications

Av-DEC sealants are designed and built to provide a durable seal on diverse surfaces, components, and assemblies. This means the HI-TAK PRS portfolio can be used to prevent corrosion in such diverse industries as aviation, automotive, and naval engineering. Common components and surfaces on which users might find HI-TAK PRS products include:

  • Structural beam
  • Door seals
  • Electrical and Coaxial connectors
  • Floor panels
  • Access panels
  • Galleys
  • And many more

Why Av-DEC HI-TAK PRS Solutions Outperform Other Sealing Tapes

Av-DEC manufacturing technology ensures that the HI-TAK PRS forms a complete seal when applied. The internal skeletal membrane structures make the sealants durable. The sealant resists moisture and other corrosive chemical agents. Application of PRS saves labor time and overhead cost, and drastically reduces the downtime associated with installing, repairing, and replacing aircraft components.

Unlike other sealing tapes, HI-TAK PRS leaves no residue behind when removed. The removal process doesn't require the use of scraping equipment or solvents. The result is a quicker removal process and a component with its original shape and surface finish intact. This is why users of HI-TAK PRS products consistently recommend them as the best corrosion-prevention sealants to be found.


As the name suggests, this is a double-sided sealant, meaning both of its surfaces are tacky. The HI-TAK double-sided PRS is constructed from polyurethane with a fiberglass mesh integrated into the design. This build plays an important role in the durability and complete protection it offers against moisture. The HI-TAK PRS was Av-DEC first foray into developing an excellent polyurethane rolled sealant for aviation applications.

The double-sided tacky nature of this PRS means it is best used between two surfaces or components. During application, HI-TAK PRS should first be applied to a single surface, after which the other component in the assembly can be installed under compression on top of the sealant. The sealant can also be easily removed without the need for scraping since it leaves no residue behind. The durable nature of HI-TAK double-sided PRS makes it ideal for preventing corrosion in extreme environments.

HI-TAK TufSeal (HT3000FR)

The HI-TAK TufSeal is engineered to provide quick, easy installation, and reliable environmental seals when used in demanding industrial applications. It was designed for use in the aviation industry and can withstand fluctuating temperatures while still protecting structures against corrosion. Av-DEC HI-TAK TufSeal is a pre-cured PRS consisting of a single tacky surface and a fiberglass carrier. The other, non-tacky surface is built from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The one-sided nature of this PRS sealant makes is simple to apply and easy to remove. As such, it's a great sealant for on-site and real-time application.

Like all Av-DEC PRS products, HI-TAK TufSeal is non-hazardous and leaves no residue when removed. The sealant was designed specifically for use on irregular surfaces due to its excellent cohesion abilities. Its durability means HI-TAK TufSeal can also be applied in areas where resistance to abrasion is an important consideration.

HI-TAK StructureSeal (HT4000 and HT6000 Series)

HI-TAK StructureSeal is a versatile sealant for aircraft applications and corrosion-prevention activities. Av-DEC offers two major versions of this PRS sealant to choose from: the HT4000 series and the HT6000 series. HT4000 and HT6000 PRS products are one-sided sealants which have only one tacky surface with a PTFE backing. The HT4935 and HT6935 series are double-sided sealants with tacky surfaces on both sides.

Every spool of HI-TAK StructureSeal delivers a complete seal against moisture and corrosion. These products are best applied between two surfaces where crush resistance or a mechanical stop is an important consideration. It is recommended that this series of PRS sealants should be applied under compression. Users may choose to use it to prevent corrosion on floorboards, lavatories, galleys, and on top of stringers.

HI-TAK StretchSeal (AD89503FR-XX-YY)

HI-TAK StretchSeal is a stretchable PRS sealant Av-DEC produces to prevent corrosion in mated electrical connectors and circumferential or irregular surfaces. The sealant consists of a stretchable foam integrated with polyurethane gel sealant. This engineered configuration makes it stretchable and easy to apply on aviation components and surfaces. HI-TAK StretchSeal is also very cohesive and flexible, making it the preferred choice for sealing off irregular surfaces and expansive perimeters.

The HI-TAK StretchSeal can also be used as a complementary sealant with other Av-DEC products and kits. It forms an integral part of the Av-DEC TripleSeal and QuadSeal solutions. It is also a component of the Av-DEC Connector Sealing System.

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HI-TAK ThinSeal (HT5576)

HI-TAK ThinSeal PRS is a new addition to the Av-DEC sealing family. This series of products is also built from polyurethane but are designed with a PTFE center. It is a pre-cured PRS meaning it can be easily applied and removed during scheduled maintenance activities. It is also eco-friendly and leaves no residue behind when removed.

HI-TAK ThinSeal can be used to prevent corrosion in overlapping surfaces, seat track mountings, and other aircraft structures. Av-DEC also offers the option of die-cutting this PRS so that it may be used to form custom gaskets on aircraft structures.