Av-DEC® Injectable Sealants

All Av-DEC Injectable Sealants Offer:

  • TOTAL MOISTURE BARRIER: The science behind Av-DEC two-component corrosion-inhibiting injectables ensure complete protection. Use in conjunction with Av-DEC gaskets and PRS to create a total environmental seal!
  • EASE OF USE: Easy removal means simple inspection or quick repair even long after initial application.
  • COMPLETE ENVIRONMENTAL SEAL: Use to fill in small voids, as a fillet, or a perimeter seal to completely lock out moisture and cut down on corrosion findings.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION AND FAST CURE TIMES: Saves time at every step, reducing return-to-service time, troubleshooting time and labor costs.
  • RESIDUE-FREE REMOVAL: Leaves no residue behind after removal, eliminating future paint adhesion issues.

Injectable Sealants:

50cc Cartridge Dispenser Priming Procedure

Step by step procedures for unpackaging, assembly, priming, and usage of the Av-DEC 50cc injectables dispenser tool.

200cc Cartridge Dispenser Priming Procedure

Step by step procedures for unpackaging, assembly, priming, and usage of the Av-DEC 200cc injectables dispenser tool.

Polyurethane Injectable sealants deliver excellent environmental sealing against moisture ingress.

The corrosion problems experienced by aviation components, assemblies, and surfaces are due to environmental factors: moisture, thermal and altitude cycling, or chemical and electrochemical attacks. These corrosive agents such as moisture and chemical residue attack both external surfaces and internal structures in aircraft, leading to damages that weaken assemblies or loosen adjacent parts that, if left unchecked, could cause complete structural failure. This is why the use of injectable sealants is recommended in the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Flight Standards Service Aviation Maintenance Handbook. Av-DEC injectable sealants were formulated for quick and easy application during aircraft production installation as well as aviation repair and maintenance activities.

Av-DEC is renowned for its polyurethane and polyurea injectable sealants. Some of the 2-part injectable sealants available include: Self-Leveling Green, TufStuff™, Self-Leveling Red, Thixoflex Orange and Thixoflex Gray and Thixoflex Black. These solutions are formulated to serve as protective seals for surfaces, adjacent parts, and assemblies susceptible to corrosion. The benefits of Av-DEC diverse range of polyurethane and polyurea injectable sealants include:

  • A non-hazardous, eco-friendly sealant which eliminates extra paperwork when transporting, disposing or using.
  • Cures quickly, resulting in faster maintenance and return-to-service times.
  • Enhanced protection against moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive agents which drastically reduces corrosion.
  • An effective means to reduce or eliminate downtime.

Av-DEC inventory of injectable sealants come in the standard application cartridge of 50 cubic centimeters (50cc). If the aircraft requires a larger cartridge, the 200cc cartridge and the corresponding application tool option are also available.

Why Choose a Self-Leveling Sealant?

High-performance polyurethane injectable sealants are formulated to offer sustainable protection for component surfaces. The flexibility of polyurethane makes it a versatile seal in high-pressure environments. The impermeability of polyurethane means it keeps out moisture, water, and chemical elements. Users stand to gain the following benefits by using a polyurethane injectable sealant:

  • The ability to fill up crevices and voids which effectively protects worn or scratched surfaces and strengthens internal structures against corrosion.
  • An efficient environmental seal which is leak-proof and eliminates the deformities caused by corrosion.

Self-Leveling Green

Av-DEC Self-Leveling Green two-part or two-component injectable sealant is polyurethane-based. This polyurethane injectable sealant creates a watertight environmental seal for avionics components. The low viscosity of this injectable sealant ensures quick application when real-time maintenance is needed. Self-Leveling Green also protects surfaces from abrasions and creates an even surface when applied. It is also easily removed whenever the need arises. This eliminates repair downtimes and any application troubles.


As the name suggests, TufStuff™ is designed for use as a rigid sealant to completely protect surfaces and voids from corrosion. The sealant is made from polyurethane and integrates the flexible and impermeable features attached to the base material. The sealant provides a weathertight, abrasion-resistant solution when applied to areas where traffic is expected. TufStuff™ protects the area of its application from environmental factors that cause abrasions. It is also easy to apply and remove during regular inspections and maintenance tasks.

Why Choose a "Thixoflex" Polyurethane Sealant?

"Thixoflex" sealants are formulated to deliver excellent adhesion, high resistance to abrasions, and durability when applied. These properties are why polyurethane sealants are used as coating solutions or environmental sealants depending on the mode of application. Av-DEC two-component polyurethane injectable sealants provide excellent protective seals for aircraft components. They are easily applied and removed from surfaces positioned vertically or overhead without succumbing to the pull of gravity or other environmental factors. The benefits from using a polyurethane injectable sealant include:

  • High resistance to wear and tear. The injectable sealant's flexibility and durability protects assemblies and adjacent components from the effects of constant use.
  • Excellent waterproofing sealants. Polyurethane sealants completely seal off surfaces and components from moisture, water, and humidity which eliminates the possibility of corrosion.
  • High resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane sealants are great for protecting surfaces that experience traffic from water penetrations and scratches, which keeps the structure functioning optimally.
  • A durable sealant that does not drip. Thixotropic polyurethane sealants bond to surfaces when applied which means they do not drip or sag when applied to vertical surfaces.
  • No solvent required. No need to deal with the mess of residue that comes with using an adhesive .

Av-DEC offers a variety of injectable polyurethane sealants which are great for vertical applications and in sealing assemblies with adjacent parts from corrosion. Av-DEC injectable solutions include:

Thixoflex Orange & Thixoflex Gray

Av-DEC Thixoflex Orange and Thixoflex Gray are two-component injectable polyurethane sealants that provide excellent sealing against moisture and other environmental factors. Choosing to implement these solutions yields the benefits associated with polyurethane in applications. Thixoflex Orange and Thixoflex Gray are the best options for vertical applications and overhead or hanging components. Thixoflex Orange and Thixoflex Gray are complete environmental sealants that keep out moisture, fill up voids, and resist wear.

Why Choose an Injectable Polyurea Sealant?

Polyurea is a remarkable material used for the speedy sealing of joints and surfaces in aircraft. Its use is due to its high resistance to abrasions and ability to prevent corrosive agents from accessing surfaces. When applied, polyurea sealants protect application surfaces at an exceptionally quick pace compared with conventional sealants. Some of the advantages from using an injectable polyurea sealant include:

  • A non-hazardous sealant which makes it safe for instant use and eliminates additional paperwork before use.
  • High resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, UV light, and moisture which makes it an effective weather seal.
  • Highly reduced cure times even in high humidity which makes it the ideal choice for instant repair tasks.
  • Highly durable and can be used to protect or preserve deteriorating internal structures.
  • Highly resistant to many solvents, caustics, and chemical substances which reduces the risk of chemically-induced corrosion.

Thixoflex Black

Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an injectable polyurea sealant that integrates all the benefits of its base material. The two-part corrosion inhibiting formula is highly viscous and seals in record time. This makes for the quickest sealing of vertical surfaces, cracks, and voids against corrosion and water seepage. This injectable sealant is easily applied and removed without having to deal with hazardous residues that can cause corrosion.

Choosing Between Organic Material Sealants and Inorganic Material Sealants

Polyurethane and polyurea injectable sealants are examples of the organic materials available, while silicone is inorganic. These materials are regularly used in sealing surfaces and assemblies against corrosion, which might make choosing the best option for aviation repairs difficult.

The major differences are:

  • Organic materials like polyurethane bond better with metal and painted surfaces which makes it best for aviation applications.
  • Organic sealants are environmentally friendly, while the silicone mixed with the agents that keep it liquid, produces outgassing.

How Durable are Av-DEC Organic Injectable Sealants?

Every application of an Av-DEC injectable sealant completes a durable two-component seal for long-term use. In situations where no further repairs are needed, Av-DEC injectable sealants provide maximum protection against corrosion for over a decade.

Choose Thixoflex Black for instant repairs or Thixoflex Orange & Thixoflex Gray to seal voids. Take advantage of the waterproof excellence of Self-Leveling Green to eliminate moisture.

Learn more by contacting our sales representatives and technical teams today. Av-DEC can also provide a sample for evaluation.

Injectable Sealant Application Tools

Av-DEC Injectable Sealant Application tools are required for precise mixing and curing of the sealant upon application. Proper dispensers are essential as Av-DEC does not recommend mixing sealants by hand or using improper tools.

The Injectable Sealant Application tools are durable, long-lasting and created to withstand multiple uses. Please follow Av-DEC priming and application instruction provided with each package of sealant.

  • Av-DEC UG981108-01
    50cc Injectable Sealant Handheld Sealant Dispenser

  • Av-DEC UG981108-02
    200cc Injectable Sealant Handheld Sealant Dispenser