HI-TAK® TripleSeal® Antenna Solution

HI-TAK TripleSeal
HI-TAK TripleSeal

HI-TAK TripleSeal: HI-TAK Antenna Gasket, StretchSeal®, and Self-Leveling® Green or Self-Leveling Red combine for comprehensive protection on interior components of the antenna

The HI-TAK TripleSeal sealing system is a polyurethane-based solution consisting of a pre-cured gasket, HI-TAK StretchSeal, and Self-Leveling Green packaged to protect antennas and aircraft surfaces.

Av-DEC HI-TAK TripleSeal sealing system handles the corrosion challenges faced by antennas and surrounding aircraft structures and surfaces. The sealant system consists of three versatile Av-DEC corrosion-inhibiting solutions are known for their ability to create complete environmental seals when applied. The system gives installation, maintenance, and repair crews non-hazardous solutions that can be easily applied in a way that reduces downtime and expensive component replacements.

The HI-TAK TripleSeal system is made up of Av-DEC conductive pre-cured polyurethane gaskets, Self-Leveling Green, and HI-TAK StretchSeal polyurethane rolled sealant (PRS). Although each Av-DEC sealant can be applied on its own to prevent corrosion, the use of the HI-TAK TripleSeal system creates a tougher and more complete seal to protect antennas. The advantages offered by the Av-DEC HI-TAK TripleSeal include:

  • A quick and simple installation process that makes real-time application possible, thereby reducing downtime.
  • A durable sealant which provides complete protection against corrosion for the long term, resulting in reduced maintenance and repair costs.
  • Excellent adhesion qualities, allowing these solutions to adhere to each other when applied on irregular or complex surfaces.
  • Reduces return-to-service time, maintenance and replacement cost, and the cost associated with recurring labor.

Prevent Moisture Ingress

The conductive polyurethane gaskets are die-cut to create complete seals when applied on antennas, while the complementary Self-Leveling Green and HI-TAK StretchSeal PRS can be used to protect connector bases, and wires from moisture and water. This makes for a more comprehensive protection system than individual Av-DEC sealants on their own. Other advantages the HI-TAK TripleSeal offer include:

  • A non-hazardous polyurethane-based system that leaves no residue when applied or removed, ensuring antennas are not damaged on removal.
  • A protective seal against corrosion which is easily removed to conduct quick inspections and maintenance tasks.
  • Enhanced resistance to abrasion and external vibrations.

Engineered for Antenna Applications

Av-DEC TripleSeal sealing systems are engineered to protect antennas, and surfaces, but their utility doesn't end there. Among the many applications for this corrosion-prevention system are:

  • Aircraft antennas
  • Ground antenna applications
  • UAV antennas
  • Cell tower antenna applications