Thixoflex® Black (TG3212)

Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
Thixoflex Black
  • Two-component polyurea corrosion-inhibiting sealant
  • Fast cure time for an immediate and durable watertight seal
  • High viscosity makes overhead and vertical application mess-free
  • Applies easily due to thixotropic design
  • Non-hazardous with no VOCs
  • High cohesion quickens removal and eases repair
  • Resistant to the effects of UV exposure
COMMON USES: • Fillet Seals Around Antennas • Lights • Windscreen • Leading Edges • Panels

Product Specifications

Thixoflex® Black
Thixoflex® Black, Flame Retardant
Part Number - 50cc
Part Number - 200cc
Color, properly mixed
Reaction Ratio - by volume
100 : 100
100 : 100
Specific Gravity, mixed, at 77°F/25°C (Calculated)
1.08 to 1.10
1.27 to 1.30
Viscosity, resin, Cps. at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D2556)
4500 to 9500
20000 to 80000
Viscosity, hardener, Cps. at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D2556)
14000 to 55000
12000 to 30000
Working Life at 77°F/25°C
< 4 minutes
< 7 minutes
Gel Time, 10 g Mass at 77°F/25°C (ASTM D7997)
< 15 minutes
< 15 minutes
Shelf Life - in original packaging and stored above at 55°F/13°C
Nine months
Nine months
Storage Temperature
> 55°F/13°C
> 55°F/13°C
Service Temperature Guide (RTCA DO-160G, Section 5, 2 cycles)
-85°F to 185°F (-65°C to 85°C)
-85°F to 185°F (-65°C to 85°C)
Application Temperature
> 55°F/13°C
> 55°F/13°C
Hardness, Shore "A" at 77°F/25°C @ 24 hrs (ASTM D2240)
> 70
> 60
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149 Method A)
> 400 V/mil
> 400 V/mil
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)
> 920 PSI
> 310 PSI
Elongation (ASTM D412)
> 300%
> 280%
Fire Retardant per 14 CFR, PART 25-Subpart D, § 25.853 Compartment interiors & § 25.855 Cargo or baggage compartments Appendix F, Part I, (a)(1)(ii) (12 sec vertical test)

PDF Documents to Download, View & Print

Thixoflex Black Installation and Removal

Step-by-Step training on an aircraft showing the cleaning, masking, priming, seam sealing installation and de-masking. Also demonstrates the easy removal process. Thixoflex Black has several uses including sealing panels, antennas, and aircraft windshields to name a few. Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an injectable polyurea sealant that integrates all the benefits of its base material. The two-part corrosion inhibiting formula is highly viscous and seals in record time. This makes for the quickest sealing of vertical surfaces, cracks, and voids against corrosion and water seepage. This injectable sealant is easily applied and removed without having to deal with hazardous residues that can cause corrosion.

Thixoflex Black - Window Installation and Removal

Step-by-Step training on aircraft window sealing using Av-DEC Thixoflex Black injectable sealant. Shows the cleaning, masking, installing removal cord, priming, application, and de-masking.

Official Av-DEC Hump Seal Repair

The proper installation of a hump seal. Demonstrates the proper use of a hump sealant shaping tool while applying Thixoflex Black.

National Stock Numbers (NSN)

Thixoflex Black, 200cc
All Air Frames
2-Part Sealants
Thixoflex Black, 50cc
All Air Frames
2-Part Sealants

Thixoflex Black: All-Purpose Injectable Sealant

Thixoflex Black is a fast curing, UV-resistant waterproofing and environmental sealant for aviation production installation, repairs and maintenance.

Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an all-purpose workhorse designed to handle sealing, abrasion, and cracking issues. This two-component sealing solution can be used for repair and regular maintenance tasks across a variety of industries. There are many ways to choose to use Thixoflex Black, such as sealing aircraft surfaces against corrosion or in caulking structures in automotive repair shops. This two-component corrosion inhibitor solution is made from polyurea and integrates all its properties. Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an injectable sealent developed according to the sealing standards for the specific industry.

Thixoflex Black is based on Av-DEC two-component formula and is approved for use by airlines. Take advantage of this sealant in the following ways:

  • As a protective environmental seal against moisture which causes corrosion.
  • As a non-hazardous injectable sealant which does not produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that harm the environment.
  • As an exceptionally quick sealing solution for eliminating downtime.

Exceptionally Quick Cure Rate for Instant Sealing

Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is an exceptional lining, joint, and surface sealant system. It cures at varying temperatures and its setting time is faster than most other injectable sealants. Thixoflex Black can be used as a real-time waterproofing solution to mitigate the corrosive effects of moisture. Some of the benefits of using this injectable sealant include:

  • No hazardous materials paperwork required due to its eco-friendly nature.
  • Delivers exceptionally quick sealing action in temperatures as low as -85°F to 185°F (-65°C to 85°C) which makes it highly tolerant to weather fluctuations.
  • It creates a complete seal which keeps out electrolytes that cause corrosion.
  • It delivers an excellent bonding strength when applied on metal or painted surfaces which makes it a versatile industrial sealant.

Powered By a Two-Component Polyurea-Based Formula

The durability, flexibility, and quick cure durations of polyurea are reasons why Thixoflex Black is a versatile solution. Av-DEC two-component polyurea formula delivers enhanced adhesion with surfaces and accelerated bonding rates. Thixoflex Black can be applied on vertical surfaces to produce a solid seal. The seal is highly resistant to abrasion. Take advantage of the benefits of Av-DEC polyurea-based two-component formula in the following ways:

  • To fill voids and cracks, which protect structures with intricate design and voids from corrosion.
  • As a quick sealant for protecting vertical components and overhead structures from corrosion.
  • As an injectable sealant that complements the sealing efforts of gasket systems by completely sealing off antenna bases and exposed areas.
  • As an environmental seal on external surfaces exposed to UV light, since the sealant is UV resistant.

A Versatile Injectable Sealant for Industrial Applications

In terms of usability, Av-DEC Thixoflex Black is a go-to sealing and waterproofing solution to have in any maintenance kit. This is because it can be applied across diverse industrial niches with ease. The versatility of this two-component injectable sealant formula does not affect its performance in any way. The sealant can be applied in repairs and maintenance activities in the following industries:

  • Aviation Repairs - As a waterproofing and environmental sealant.
  • Automotive Repairs - To seal joints, lights, windshields, and reduce wear.
  • Manufacturing Equipment Repair - To close perimeter gaps, edges, and joints.
  • Industrial Engineering Design - To dam up or obstruct flow.

Thixoflex Black comes in the standard 50cc cartridge or the larger 200cc cartridge if required. The injectable sealant has been tested extensively and delivers exceptional results. For a get a free 50cc sample of the Av-DEC Thixoflex Black contact us today.