Sealing Systems

Av-DEC Sealing Systems:

  • Combine highly engineered Av-DEC materials for multifaceted corrosion prevention
  • Av-DEC products: compatible designs that work together to provide complete protection
  • Comprehensive protection for antennas: antenna/aircraft interface, coaxial connector, connector-to-antenna base, perimeter seal
  • Floorboard sealing system: floor beams and seat tracks
  • Complete connector sealing: for mated connectors, including the connector base, wires, and wire gaps

Sealing Systems:

Av-DEC sealing systems consisting of gaskets, polyurethane rolled sealants, injectable sealants, and polyurethane and polyurea sprayable sealants protect aircraft surfaces and structures from corrosion.

The most effective seals against corrosion completely protect structures, assemblies, and the surface areas around them from corrosive agents like moisture and water. Av-DEC sealing systems were designed to do just that. They are engineered for immediate use during installation, repairs, and maintenance. These Av-DEC sealing systems include the HI-TAK TripleSeal, HI-TAK QuadSeal, Floorboard Sealing System, and Dual Wrap Connector Sealing System. These systems consist of two or more award-winning Av-DEC gaskets and sealants which, when applied together, form a complete seal.

Av-DEC sealing systems are best applied on structures located in areas that are highly susceptible to corrosion or which require extensive protection against corrosion to ensure the aircraft functions properly. Depending on the specific application's requirements, service bureaus and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can choose systems with conductive gaskets or systems with non-conductive gaskets. Other options include fire-retardant sealing systems and systems with sprayable sealants. The benefits of choosing an Av-DEC Sealing System include:

  • A sealing system that provides a turnkey solution to corrosion and will ensure structures and surfaces are protected from moisture.
  • Durable sealants that can last for the long haul.
  • Polyurethane or polyurea-based, non-hazardous sealants which can be applied externally or internally, since the combined products do not produce harmful residues.

Efficient for Installation, Maintenance, Repairs, and Cost Savings

Av-DEC Sealing systems include pre-cured polyurethane sealants which can be easily applied and removed during routine inspections. The easy application procedures make these systems the perfect choice for real-time maintenance and repair tasks. OEMs can also use Av-DEC sealing systems for extensive installation activities to ensure aircraft structures, such as antennas, are completely impervious to corrosion right from the start. Av-DEC sealing systems provide the following benefits:

  • A durable, complete seal that eliminates the need for continuous maintenance tasks, thereby reducing maintenance and replacement costs.
  • An easy removal process which leaves no residue and does not damage the structure in ways that would require further repairs to the aircraft.
  • A complete seal without the need for additional adhesives, thereby reducing the cost of application and removal.

Prevents Corrosion in Military, Commercial, and Private Aircraft

The first Av-DEC sealing system was designed for use on military aircraft structures. The HI-TAK Antenna Gasket TripleSeal successfully ensured the military aircraft structures to which it was applied were protected for extended durations. This success led to the use of Av-DEC sealing systems in commercial and private aircraft for installation, maintenance, and repair activities. Other benefits of Av-DEC Sealing Systems include:

  • Precured gaskets are ready to install and fly immediately, ensuring aircraft will not be grounded long.
  • Enhanced protection against abrasions and vibrations, ensuring a complete seal is maintained at all times.
  • Complete protection against corrosion, keeping aircraft structures functional for longer durations and reducing replacement or repair costs.

HI-TAK Antenna Gasket TripleSeal

Av-DEC HI-TAK Antenna Gasket TripleSeal is a sealing system that delivers a complete polyurethane seal to structures and surfaces. The system consists of the Av-DEC conductive or non-conductive gasket, the HI-TAK StretchSeal PRS, and Self-Leveling Green. These three polyurethane sealants form a complete seal on surfaces, cables, and aircraft structures that entirely prevents the ingress of water.

HI-TAK QuadSeal

Av-DEC HI-TAK QuadSeal sealing system is a combination of four exceptional sealing solutions dedicated to creating a complete barrier against corrosion. The HI-TAK QuadSeal system consists of either a conductive or non-conductive pre-cured gasket, Self-Leveling Green, StretchSeal PRS, and Thixoflex Black. Maintenance, repair, and installation teams can use this sealing system to prevent moisture from attacking the most vulnerable portions of an aircraft.

Floorboard Sealing Systems

Av-DEC Floorboard Sealing Systems were built to prevent corrosion in areas that experience constant traffic. The sealing system consists of a mixture of polyurethane-based liquid sealants and polyurethane rolled sealants (PRS) that work together to prevent corrosion.

Dual Wrap Connector Sealing Systems

Connectors and the interfaces between connector and aircraft surfaces can be completely protected from water and moisture ingress using the Dual Wrap Connector Sealing system. The Dual Wrap system consists of two or more polyurethane rolled sealants which can be applied to prevent corrosion. Av-DEC PRS products are pre-cured and can be die-cut and used as gaskets when required, making them very versatile products.