HI-TAK® ThinSeal®


Double-Sided Tacky HT5576 or Single-Sided Tacky HT4476

  • An innovative PRS product made from polyurethane and a PTFE carrier
  • Designed for sealing between overlapping surfaces with tight tolerance where electrical bonding is not required
  • Ideal for use as faying surface sealant for aircraft skin repairs and patch panels
  • Removes easily due to excellent cohesion
  • Eco-friendly and leaves behind no residue when removed
  • Protects against fretting
  • Available in multiple widths (0.5" increments up to 24") Example: HT5576-150 is 1.5" wide
COMMON USES: • SeatTrack Mounting • Pylon Mounting • Titanium Heat Shield • Aircraft Battle Damage Repair • Anchor Nut Mounting

Product Specifications

Rolled Sealants
Hi-TAK ThinSeal
Hi-TAK ThinSeal
Part Number Series
Thickness (as supplied)
0.015 in (0.381 mm)
0.010 in (0.254mm)
Length (as supplied)
12 ft (3.66 m)
12 ft (3.66 m)
Inches times 100
Inches times 100
Standard widths available in 0.5 inch increments up to 24 inches
ex: 1.5 inch width = HT5576-150
ex: 1.5 inch width = HT4476-150
Shelf Life, sealed container
Reactivity, to typical aviation metallic and non-metallic surfaces
None - Product supplied fully cured
None - Product supplied fully cured
Service temperature guide per RTCA DO-160G, Section 5, 2 cycles
-85°F to 275°F (-65°C to 135°C)
-85°F to 275°F (-65°C to 135°C)

HI-TAK ThinSeal (HT5576) Polyurethane Rolled Sealant (PRS)

A polyurethane rolled sealant (PRS) with a PTFE center that ensures moisture and corrosion are kept out of aircraft structures. Built for real-time applications.

The process of protecting aircraft surfaces and components from the destructive effects of corrosion plays an important role in aircraft safety. Reducing corrosion also drastically reduces the amount of money that must be spent on maintaining, repairing, and ultimately replacing defective structures. This is why choosing reputable sealants that deliver complete protection against corrosion is such an important consideration for original equipment manufacturers, repair organizations, and servicing bureaus. This is the right place for excellent aircraft structure sealants.

HI-TAK ThinSeal polyurethane rolled sealant (PRS) is the answer to moisture ingress and corrosion problems. It is a pre-cured PRS best suited for sealing seat track mountings, irregular surfaces, and between overlapping surfaces. ThinSeal can be purchased as a roll of product or die-cut in order to use the PRS as a functional gasket. Potential benefits of using of this PRS corrosion-prevention solution include the following:

  • It is a pre-cured sealant, ensuring there is no need for any supporting adhesives during application.
  • Its quick application process means aircraft can return to service quickly after maintenance, eliminating downtime.
  • It creates a complete protective seal on the area of application, ensuring aircraft structures are protected against corrosive agents.
  • Its complete seal against corrosion means users can get more flying time out of aircraft without the need for constant scheduled maintenance.

You can Trust HI-TAK ThinSeal to Deliver on Its Promise!

What's in a Name?

If the term "polyurethane sealant" sounds new, that is because these Av-DEC sealing products were previously called HI-TAK Tapes by Av-DEC. The previous naming convention did not do justice to the versatility, build, or design of the product, so Av-DEC has chosen to move to the new polyurethane rolled sealant (PRS) tag. Durable Engineering for Long-Term Use

Av-DEC engineers designed the HI-TAK ThinSeal with one aim in mind: to create an innovative sealant to protect aircraft structures. This PRS product is made from polyurethane and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) center. This gives it enhanced cohesion capabilities which ensure that HI-TAK ThinSeal can adhere to itself when applied. The PRS is also available in die-cut shapes which can serve as customized gaskets when applied. The benefits gained using this expertly engineered PRS include:

  • Excellent sealant properties, allowing it to be applied to irregular surfaces and between overlapping surfaces.
  • A single-sided PRS which can be maneuvered through difficult spaces when performing installation, repair, and maintenance tasks.
  • The ability to serve as a noise-dampening PRS solution for aircraft operating under extreme conditions.
  • Indefinite shelf-life and a highly durable sealant which will protect aircraft structures well into the future.
  • An easy removal process that leaves no residue which might affect paint adhesion or cause corrosion.

Custom Built for Aviation Applications

HI-TAK ThinSeal PRS was designed specifically for protecting diverse aircraft surfaces and components. You can take advantage of its trusted features to prevent corrosion on the following structures:

  • Seat track mountings
  • Cargo bay areas
  • Fastener holes
  • Lavatories
  • Windshields