Customization Experts

The Science of Customization

With a rich history of developing new products to help solve our customer's most difficult corrosion issues, Av-DEC has refined its craft in new product development and sealant customization through years of painstaking research and tests. Today, with gaskets and sealants on thousands of aircraft, Av-DEC can confidently say it is a world leader in the science of corrosion prevention.


Av-DEC is constantly innovating more advanced corrosion solutions. Our product innovation is driven by your corrosion problems. Let us solve your worst corrosion problems with Av-DEC one-of-a kind technologies.

Corrosion-Prevention Solutions on Demand

The engineering of corrosion prevention solutions and products is Av-DEC bread and butter. Av-DEC engineers provide turnkey solutions for many aircraft corrosion challenges. Our engineer's can assess specific corrosion problems and contrive solutions to provide a high performance seal against moisture and other corrosive agents.

Cutting-Edge Materials and Technologies

Av-DEC engineers understand the challenges associated with designing and developing custom gaskets, polyurethane rolled sealants, and injectable/sprayable sealants for specific applications. Our experienced engineers solve corrosion issues by marrying proven materials with cutting-edge technologies in the development of customized sealants.

When Standard Solutions Aren't Enough

Av-DEC engineers have been solving the most difficult corrosion challenges facing commercial, private, and military aircraft for decades. We are the ones to call if a corrosion challenge seems insurmountable. If needed, Av-DEC engineers will even come to the customer to inspect and assess their specific corrosion challenges and offer customized solutions.

Research and Development

Av-DEC on-site research and development lab has a variety of capabilities for developing & testing new products. From Salt Fog to Fluid Susceptibility testing, Av-DEC has many of the R&D capabilities needed to complete product qualification tests for any new product.

Professional Customization Services

Av-DEC takes a customer-centric approach to solving all corrosion challenges. The vast experience of the Av-DEC engineering and sales teams ensure every customer, big or small, receives nothing but the best gasket and sealant customization services.

Customization Success Stories

Av-DEC has many success stories about developing customized sealing solutions, please visit Av-DEC success stories page Link for more information.

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