HI-TAK® Panel Gaskets, Conductive and Non-Conductive

HI-TAK Panel Gasket In Package
HI-TAK Panel Gasket
HI-TAK Panel Gasket
HI-TAK Panel Gasket Installed without Panel
HI-TAK Panel Gasket In Package
HI-TAK Panel Gasket
HI-TAK Panel Gasket
HI-TAK Panel Gasket Installed without Panel
  • Hi-TAK polyurethane panel gaskets provide a complete moisture barrier which prevents corrosion from occurring
  • Innovative "Apply and Fly™" application ensures consistent installation and reduced installation time
  • Eliminates messy form-in-place gaskets, and provides a consistent seal
  • Durable environmental seal prevents corrosion and moisture ingress
  • Available in multiple thicknesses
  • Gaskets can be designed to the specific shape of the faying surface
COMMON USES: • Access Panels • Window Sealing • Entry Door Thresholds

Preventing Corrosion

Preventing corrosion in aircraft and ensuring structures such as antennas, panels, and windows are protected from moisture requires the use of gaskets with unique sealing properties. Av-DEC polyurethane conductive and non-conductive gaskets are sealing systems designed with unique mesh carriers for use in these specific applications. These gasket systems are pre-cured, making for an easier application process during installation, maintenance, and repair tasks. HI-TAK conductive and non-conductive panel gaskets take the "Apply and Fly™" approach, which brings real-time application to aircraft repairs and installation activities. The benefits OEMs and service bureaus stand to gain include:

  • A complete seal on surfaces and structures which prevents moisture ingress and corrosion
  • A pre-cured panel gasket which eliminates mess and simplifies the installation process
  • The option of a die-cut gasket custom designed to fit the specific shapes of the customer's part, delivering consistent and complete protection
  • The choice of various mesh carriers including conductive and non-conductive mesh options such as Aluminum, Nylon, Fiberglass, and Polypropylene
  • Non-hazardous gasket materials which leave behind no corrosive agents during the installation or removal process

The Science Behind Conductive HI-TAK Panel Gaskets

Av-DEC HI-TAK panel gasket systems are gaskets built from polyurethane gel sealant and an aluminum mesh or skeleton which acts as a conductive carrier. Conductive gaskets are also pre-cured and die-cut to make their application a straightforward process. This innovative design and development approach drives the "Apply and Fly™" capability of conductive HI-TAK panel gaskets.

HI-TAK Panel Gaskets Conductive Options

Av-DEC offers a diverse catalog of conductive HI-TAK panel gaskets. These gaskets come in different sizes and configurations with an aluminum skeleton integrated into the polyurethane sealant. The Av-DEC conductive gasket catalog includes:

  • Conductive specialty gaskets
  • Fuel panel access gaskets
  • Antenna gaskets

The Science Behind Non-Conductive HI-TAK Panel Gaskets

Av-DEC non-conductive HI-TAK panel gasket systems are designed and built with polyurethane sealant and a non-conductive mesh. Unlike Av-DEC conductive gaskets, multiple mesh options are available to fit the wide-ranging needs of differing application specifications. Non-conductive HI-TAK panel gaskets can have meshes developed from fiberglass, nylon, PTFE, and polypropylene. The non-conductive gasket options available for installation, maintenance, and repair tasks include:

  • Fuel-panel access gaskets
  • Antenna gaskets

The Benefits of HI-TAK Panel Gaskets (Conductive and Non-Conductive)

Both the conductive and non-conductive Av-DEC HI-TAK panel gaskets offer diverse benefits, to include:

  • A durable panel gasket built for long-term use which functions optimally in extreme weather conditions
  • Quick gel times, allowing for speedy application and eliminating the need to use messy adhesives and solvents
  • High resistance to vibrations, ensuring that a complete seal is maintained even in extreme conditions
  • Excellent bonding properties which allow them to be applied on painted and metal surfaces without causing harm to these surfaces upon removal

Designed for Diverse Applications

The HI-TAK panel gaskets are designed to showcase the 20-plus years of experience Av-DEC engineers have acquired in preventing corrosion in aircraft. Now, Av-DEC Polyurethane Rolled Sealants (PRS) can also be die-cut to serve as gaskets. The conductive, non-conductive, and PRS panel gaskets can be used to protect the following structures:

  • Antennas
  • Pressure bulkheads
  • Black box seals
  • Mounting panel seals
  • Access panels
  • Drain masts
  • Window seals
  • Entry-door thresholds
  • Anti-collision and logo lights