HI-TAK® QuadSeal® Antenna Sealing

HI-TAK QuadSeal
HI-TAK QuadSeal

HI-TAK QuadSeal: Start with HI-TAK TripleSeal® and add Thixoflex® Black as a quick-cure fillet seal for extra protection on the exterior of the aircraft and for a clean, smooth aesthetic finish.

A comprehensive corrosion-prevention system consisting of four Av-DEC solutions renowned for creating durable watertight seals during aircraft maintenance, repairs, and component installation.

The Av-DEC QuadSeal sealing system was designed to create complete corrosion prevention seals on aircraft antennas and mating connectors. The sealing system consists of pre-cured polyurethane gaskets, Self-Leveling Green, StretchSeal polyurethane rolled sealant (PRS), and Thixoflex Black. These four sealing solutions have been applied individually on thousands of aircraft as corrosion inhibiting solutions. When used together, the system completely protects structures, assemblies, and surrounding surfaces from corrosion.

The Av-DEC QuadSeal sealing system also serves as an excellent maintenance, installation, and repair kit as it contains all the corrosion-prevention solutions an aircraft is likely to need. When used together, a complete environmental seal is formed that delivers the following benefits:

  • Complimentary corrosion-prevention solutions which form a durable seal that can survive long-term exposure to extreme working conditions.
  • Pre-cured gaskets die-cut for easy and quick installation allowing for real-time maintenance and reduced downtime.
  • The capability to protect irregular surfaces and complex structures as the sealing system includes a Self-Leveling sealant that spreads across surfaces.

Conductive and Non-Conductive Gaskets for Antenna Applications

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance organizations can choose the best solution from available Av-DEC QuadSeal sealing systems. Choices include a system with either a non-conductive pre-cured polyurethane gasket with fiberglass, nylon, or polypropylene mesh, or a conductive pre-cured polyurethane gasket with aluminum mesh, depending on the customer's requirements. Advantages of the QuadSeal sealing system include:

  • The creation of seals that are highly resistant to vibrations and fluctuating environmental temperatures, ensuring the seal does not deform.
  • A conductive or non-conductive die-cut gasket which can be used for custom corrosion prevention applications.
  • A non-hazardous sealant which does not leave behind harmful residues when removed.

For Antenna Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Applications

The combination of four Av-DEC sealing solutions brings a versatility that no single sealant can offer on its own. An example of this versatility can be seen in the sealing of antennas and mating connectors. Connectors can be sealed with the Self-Leveling Green injectable, wire bundles can be wrapped with the StretchSeal PRS, and the pre-cured polyurethane gaskets can be used to seal the mating surfaces. Thixoflex Black can be applied as an aerodynamic seal around the outer edges of the antennas. The benefits of using the QuadSeal sealing system include:

  • Simplifying the installation process for complex assemblies while simultaneously creating a moisture barrier for structures susceptible to corrosion.
  • Excellent adhesion which creates a complete, durable seal and makes application an easy process that requires no adhesives.