Ox-Block™ Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds (CIC)

All Ox-Block Compounds Offer:

  • TOTAL MOISTURE BARRIER: Ox-Block is a one-component, corrosion-inhibiting, non-curing sealant which ensures complete protection and creates a total environmental seal.
  • EASE OF USE: Ease of application and removability means less maintenance turnaround time.
  • HAZARD FREE: Replacement for chromate corrosion-resistant, non-hardening sealants.
  • COUNTLESS APPLICATIONS: Can be applied to a variety of substrates, alloys and surfaces which makes Ox-Block extremely versatile.
  • ACTIVE PARTICLE SYSTEM: Features active sacrificial pigments and inhibitors for superior corrosion protection.

Non-Curing Compounds:

Ox-Block™ is a one-component, corrosion-inhibiting, non-curing, non-hazardous sealant formulated to ensure complete protection against moisture.

In aviation maintenance and repairs, some situations call for a different type of protection against corrosion - a non-hardening, non-drying corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC). These properties are exactly what make Av-DEC's range of Ox-Block products so crucial.

What are these specific repair or maintenance scenarios, you ask? Ox-Block is useful for the following:

  • Reinforces where the integrity of threaded bores, holes, or fittings must be preserved.
  • Situations where the use of hardening seals obstructs access to specific surfaces and structures.
  • Situations where the chromate corrosion-resistant sealants would chemically react or harden and negatively impact structures.
  • Any scenario that demands a hazard-free, corrosion-protective sealant that is easy to apply.

Are Ox-Block Corrosion Inhibition Compounds for You?

It can be confusing to sift through the multitude of sealants and corrosion-prevention solutions on the market. To simplify your search and your decision, keep these questions in mind:

  • Will regular maintenance activities be executed on the application site?
  • Do your repair and maintenance tasks depend on an easy sealant application process?
  • Will the application site react negatively to silicone, sulfide, and/or chromate sealing materials?
  • Is long-term corrosion protection something you're interested in?
  • Will extensive professional assistance ease the task of utilizing the corrosion-prevention product?

If your answer to these questions is yes, Ox-Block and Av-DEC's extensive after-sales services are the solutions to your maintenance and repair challenges.

Ox-Block or Chromatic Corrosion-Resistant Sealants

Ox-Block CICs are single-component, organic-based sealants that do not require mixing and are compatible with many surfaces and metals including steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Once applied, they create a non-hazardous film that coats the surface and provides long-term protection against corrosion. The key features of Ox-Block include:

  • A Total Moisture Barrier that ensures complete and long-term protection against moisture and other corrosive agents within the environment.
  • An Active Particle System that features active sacrificial pigments and inhibitors to ensure superior protection against corrosion.
  • A Hazard-Free Sealant that does not react with the surfaces it is applied onto and thus ensures their structural integrity.

Chromatic sealants are applied to improve the corrosion resistance of a bare metal. Conventional chromatic sealants are inorganic and require you to mix multiple components. The application process involves immersion with adhesive materials or pretreatment with a phosphate solution. It's a non-trivial process that requires extensive technical know-how. Plus, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) rates some chromatic corrosion-resistant sealants such as hexavalent chromate as environmentally hazardous.

Ox-Block CICs ease your concerns by eliminating the environmental and technical problems inherent in most chromatic corrosion-resistant sealants.

Ox-Block (PAC03)

The Ox-Block (PAC03) is a one-component, organic-based sealant with a synergistic inhibitor system and special passivated sacrificial particles that preferentially oxidize before the aircraft structure. Like other sealants in the Ox-Block group, the PAC03 is easily applied to and removed from surfaces, cracks, or gaps. This is possible because it doesn't harden and is designed to be compatible with diverse metallic surfaces. Its most important feature is the synergistic inhibitor system developed at the Av-DEC labs. The synergistic inhibitor system offers double protection and prevents both anodic and cathodic corrosion reactions.

Prevent Corrosion with Ox-Block

The innovative Ox-Block formulas create environmental barriers that increase the life cycle of your aircraft. Our high-performing, non-drying, non-hazardous, corrosion-inhibiting solutions are available at your request. Isn't it time you gave yourself some peace of mind by eliminating those tricky corrosion safety issues?

Av-DEC Ox-Block products are high-performing, user-friendly replacements for other hazardous corrosion-inhibiting compounds in today's market. Experienced scientists in our chemistry labs developed them according to all relevant industry specifications.